Please, hold the line. Your call is very important to us..

Let’s imagine that you’re trying to reach some important person over the phone and their office makes you wait for an answer..wait for 10 minutes, an hour, a day, a week or maybe even a month. Can you imagine to hold on a line for a month waiting for the response?

No way, we bet, you’d say. You would hang up. And it would be sane, reasonable action.

No one has time to waste on waiting..

It seems like we all can agree on it.

But can we, really?

Lately when world fell into a crisis along with a quarantine a lot of people from one reason or another lost their jobs. That’s a big blow in person’s life and a personal estimation. Not everyone can fast and easily overcome it. So what people usually say and do in situations like this? 

They say “I’ll wait a bit and hopefully everything will get back to normal soon”.

And it will. At some point everything will be great again.

But what till then? Can you postpone your life? You can quarantine a city or a bunch of workers. But you can’t quarantine your life, can you? Every moment spent indoors is your valuable time that you’re waising. It seems that it’s about the time to acknowledge and accept the fact that the quarantine (no matter how nasty and boresome it can be) basically is your life.

Now, you don’t want to pause your life, do you?

If your not ready to waste you time over a phone call, why then you’re doing it so eagerly at the crisis like current one?

Here’s an idea – we all need to learn to appreciate this very day, this very hour and this very moment. We need to get from it as much as possible and live each instant fully and vividly. 

Don’t be to yourself that person which won’t answer a phone, don’t make yourself wait for tomorrow. There’ll be some fresh new lessons to learn tomorrow and how it could be possible to manage them if you’ve skipped a previous, an important lesson during the quarantine?

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