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Premium Limitless Multisite WP Hosting

High-Quality Premium Limitless Fastest Excellent Multisite WordPress Hosting

Everything is set up

Each site is completely ready to work immediately after creation. No need to worry about speed and safety. Just create!


All plugins, themes and WordPress are automatically updated every 3 hours without the need for administrator intervention.

Everything licensed

We use only licensed products, so everything is always reliably protected and updated to the latest possible version.

Premium Plugins & Themes

There are premium plugins available on our network for over $1000 per year. You get them with no additional cost, you only pay for hosting.

Premium network

Ukrainian data center, unlimited traffic, minimal latency. Your site will be the fastest. You won't find it faster!

Support & Maintenance

We offer support to our products and services via messengers/online chat or email and phone. Contact us the way you like!

See below all our killing features benefits advantages

PHP 7.4

The latest PHP version is always at your disposal.

100% SSD

The fastest SSD drives for fast data loading.

Uptime Monitoring

Every 2 minutes, the entire network is checked for problems and notifies the administrator.


Automated issuance of certificates for any domain for free.

MariaDB icon

MariaDB 10.5

Fastest and most secure version of MariaDB database server.


Every site supports HTTP/2 by default.

Redis Object Cache

Every site uses Redis to cache database queries.

PHP OpCache

Bytecode caching for fast PHP performance on every site.

Automatic backups

We make daily backups to Amazon S3 and our own cloud.

Varnish Cache

The world's fastest proxy server for caching dynamic content.

Auto virus scanning

We automatically scan our network for viruses and remove them.

Technical support

You can ask any question about WordPress or plugins and get an answer shortly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sure! You can use this for a lifetime and not pay a cent.

Currently, only administrator can install plugins so you need to contact us and ask to install plugin. We’ll take a look and then back to you with the result.

Definitely yes, but it is not easy and you need to pay for 12 months for the Pro package and contact our team. And we will transfer your site to us within a day. 

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