(If not growing economically then at least growing emotional intelligence inside of us)

Modern world is changing continuously. Sometimes drastic events show us those changes with unpleasant strictness. Does it feel unfair? How to obtain information and keep objective mind? Who knows, frankly…But we tried to break it down to some small points that may be useful.


Perhaps, a couple of nice tips to small companies like ours.

Positive Thinking – Something that will keep you in tune and also (doctors say) good for health;

Ability To Change And Adjust – New changes outside your small world is a call for a change, be ready for it and see new possibilities in every aspect of a situation;

Appreciation Of What You Have – Keep in mind that we are living among lucky generation that (from history perspective) lives longest lifetime, has the best medicine level, the most vivid comprehension towards individual needs, the most easy access to knowledge from around the globe. Keep it in mind and use it!

Remember That You’re Not The Only One That Suffers – Working with clients do not forget that they are in a problems too, more or less, but they and their businesses do suffer as well. Ask how they feel, what news in their area, ask if they weren’t affected with crisis and virus personally. Show that you care. Be sincere.

Close Contact With A Team -You’re not lonely in this. You have a team which is a second family. Keep teammates close. During crisis for some members of your team it could be particularly hard to keep a good mood and a good motivation level. Try to encourage each other. Remind the one who close to you that after the darkest night there’s always the brightest dawn.

Don’t be greedy – managed to grab the last toilet paper roll from the local store? Share it. They say, all good deeds counts.

Were our small tips collection of any use to you and your team? How do you deal with current situation? Share your experience with us!

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