One thing is certain – envy is considered by the cultural norm as one of the many and one of the most disgusting flaws of humans’ nature.

But is it so? Is it as clear as it seems to be?

From one point of view, envy can be seen as major destruction of persons’ emotional stability and mental objectiveness. And, obviously, there’s some truth in it, we won’t deny. We won’t object, that without well regulation and within a person full of poor judgments and no moral compass, envy can and will be a disaster, probably not only to the person that isn’t able to control it but to those around as well.

However, since we’re not preachers and can’t claim ourselves as a high moral standard for others to follow, we think it’s quite interesting to look at a natural state of spirit that widely recognized as a sin.

The story is short. We all just humans. We have our weaknesses. And when we see that someone is somehow better then we are, we keen to feel at the same time a bit bitter not because we’re bad or emotionally corrupted. Not at all. It’s rather happening because we feel this world being unfair towards us. We do our best, we work hard, we study constantly, we tired of endless tries and fails. So, we can be complex enough to have simultaneously two polar feelings – at the same time, we can be both happy for a person and envy of that persons’ success. It’s not something we can easily admit. It’s something we’d like to get rid of. That bitter feeling somewhere in a chest that tells us “you’re the one that should be in a place where you aren’t yet”.

It may sound weird and inappropriate, but at the end of the day, perhaps, we need to hear that voice within us. Where it’ll lead us?

The answer is simple – to better self-comprehension and another moment of motivation jump. Look at the envy as not an opportunity to hurt someone or to be hurt because of the unfairness of our daily struggles but look at it as a reminder that if someone else managed to get to the wanted goal, then you can do it as well. What you need is a bit more of patience, a bit more of effort and, of course, a bit more of courage.

To be a human is not to pretend to not have flaws but to acknowledge them, accept them, and rule them to become a better person.

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