2020 is unique in our history. A long period of time we had not been facing such intensive year with so critical global events. COVID-19 had become the major trigger of all dramatic consequences: high level of unemployment, economic recession, closing small and big businesses. But we have to understand, that crisis is not only negative results, it is also new challenges which stimulate people to create a more strong economy, made different businesses more effective. To learn the most from the crisis, let’s find out the critical consequences we should take into account.

1.Reestimation and reskilling labor market.

Before the crisis, the labor market had a lot of problems that need to be resolved. Many professions had become no needed in the XXI century and crisis 2020 stimulate big corporations employees, and also other average employees, develop or get new competencies: adaptability, communication, collaboration, creativity, etc. Today we are witnessing borning of a new society which is combined from the new professions. Persons who won’t be able to reskill or relearn will no have a place in this new world.

Before the crisis, a lot of professions related to informational technologies had become very expensive. This fact was creating additional obstacles for small and middle businesses. Today everything has changed. Skills which was unique and expensive had become basic and cheaper. The labor market is filling with a highly qualified employee, which is a great opportunity for businesses to create competitive teams.

2. Informational technology will lead the world at least the next 15 years.

In the XIX century, the major source of making money (and progress) was railways and steel, in the XX century – oil, in the XX century – information (internet). Let’s have a look at the 5 most expensive corporations: Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Amazon they are all related to the informational technologies. The conclusion from this is that the businesses related to the informational technologies will be popular and profitable next 15 years.

3. The crisis of relationships between the United States and China

What about the USA and China? Yes, these countries have tense relationships but the leader of this competition (war) still will be the USA. The situation before the crisis and during had shown inability China to be creators. The undisputed fact, that Chinese are copying genius, but they hadn’t created the internet, google, even railways. They just stealing technologies and it is not enough to lead the rest of the world.

The main conclusion from this crisis story is this: whether we want it or not, the post-crisis world will not be what it used to be. All we have to do is draw the right conclusions and adapt to the new conditions what we have been doing all our history.

To be continued…

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