A small city, full of dust and garbage all over the streets. People rushing, minding their own business.
And suddenly a sound “dodes’ka-den…dodes’ka-den…dodes’ka-den”.
What does it remind you of? An old tram that slowly crossing an urban valley scaring away black mobs of crows?
But there was a man who saw more than this. It was Akira Kurosawa.
And this great Japanese film director managed to share the vision with us.
Now, surely the movie “Dodes’ka-den” isn’t his magnum opus, but what struck us in it – was just a boy.

So here we are again: a small city and a boy that runs through heaps of trash pretending to be a tram driver making that well-known sound that trams do ”dodes’ka-den…dodes’ka-den”. This boy, he’s mentally-challenged, he won’t get a chance to become a real tram driver so he made his dream came true from nothing – just a vivid imagination. Yes, he’s being mocked and laughed at. Some rude brats were even throwing stones at him. But for the boy it wouldn’t matter – he was living his dream and more than that – all his own human flesh and spirit at some point became a solid, undeniable dream. Maybe, after all, that is a purpose of life – to fulfill a dream no matter what. And so the boy did.
“Dodes’ka-den…dodes’ka-den…dodes’ka-den” he was saying, just like a tram.

That’s how the dream of one particular mentally disabled boy does sound.
So how does your dream sound?

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