I can’t breathe, he said, chocking under the pressure of policeman’s knee.
He died, his name was George.
And all hell broke loose! A lot of polar opinions, thoughts, facts; a lot of manipulations with an interpretation of what happened and what it means, etc.
But that was in the USA. Not here, where I am.
Do I really care about what’s going on far across the Atlantic ocean, one may inquire, watching the local news filled with gruesome crimes and corrupt politicians.
And truly, why should we care about things that seem not to have influence over us?
We won’t explain here why it matters to fight against racism, social prejudices, and other kinds of discriminations that (as we think) should’ve been left in the 20-th century and forgotten.
We’re trying to take a deeper look into the importance of following global social events, mood changes, ideas switchings, and understanding information.
First things first, and we all must admit, that daily keeping yourself aware with the newest information on how things getting on around the globe may be both tiresome and overwhelming. But that’s a topic for a separate article. Let’s leave it aside for a while.
The most obvious benefit that we may get is always to have something for a conversation, so-called small talk with a stranger or taxi driver.
The next one is the idea that one who obtains information rules the world, they say.
But more importantly – it’s a key to empathy and understanding of human nature not only people around you but even yourself, your place in history and your ability to adequately react towards the needs of others.
For example:
that’s quite simple, being far away from the place of active social changes doesn’t mean keeping you away from them forever. It’s just not yet time for your country, but that time will come to you, and when it will you can be ready simply by observing the process of adapting to new conditions in countries that struggle through mindset shifts at this very moment.
À-la, walking through an overgrown path is much harder than following the same path after a person that already walked here and cleared the road.
There’s no reason to “reinvent the wheel” every time, since what is making us, humans, special is an ability to learn from not only our experience but from the experience of those that surround us.
Minding events around the globe may and most certainly will be preventive measures that will help us avoid future battles with the system by changing the way we process the world now and understanding that in a modern world there’s no place for any kind of social injustice.
So, let’s be aware, let’s not laugh at others failures, let’s not mock others endeavors but let’s learn and deepen our empathy and intelligence.

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