Since the Internet entered our homes a lot of things changed.

We’ve got an ability to study, to work, to fall in love, to find a friend, to watch a movie online.

And a lot of other good and not so good things.

Along with this, we’ve got something that humanity never encountered before – an opportunity to easily find people with the same mindset as ours and surround ourselves with them.

Sounds like a really sweet benefit that we receive from modern technology.

But as everything in our world, this new approach to people’s relationship has its pros and cons.

Let’s leave behind more global consequences, like total disappearing of some subcultures, e.g. emo or goths, and take a closer look at you, our reader.

Algorithms of social media work in a way to keep you happily entertained, therefore it shows you only information that may be interesting for you or may resonate with your opinions.

This creates a bubble that shields us from negative of meeting with people that have different views. Withing this bubble we feel understood and loved. But exiting your flat makes the bubble burst. In everyday life we won’t meet only those who agree with us. And being for a while in a bubble won’t teach us to cope with them, listen to opposite thoughts, empathize and accept differences. We need to learn to be able to hear if we, eventually, want to be heard.

Living in an informational bubble limits us in getting new, fresh perspectives to old, so (we think) well-known themes and questions. It may keep us from unexpected ideas and feelings.

Here, at Saint Script, we aren’t saying that you supposed to change your views and mind norms anytime you hear something opposite to what you believe in.

We’re saying to be more acceptable to be more openminded.

And after all, maybe, next time, when one of your friends on FaceBook will share a support-post of a politician that you utterly dislike, instead of hitting the “unfriend” button you’ll try to learn to accept your friend that was in a brisk moment changed into an enemy, and that change was due to your bubble.

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